Gopinath temple is at a walking distance from Govindaji’s temple, and its marvelous construction reveals a glorious past. Gopinath, the presiding deity was first installed 5,000 years ago by the Lord Krishna’s grandson Vajranabha, and rediscovered at Vamsi-vata by Paramananda Goswami.

The Sri Radha Gopinath temple has an interesting story associated with it. A long time ago, when Srimati Jahnava Devi came to worship the deity here and just thought that idol of Radhika should be the length as that of Krishna. In night, when she was sleeping, Lord and Radhika came to her dream and asked her to get a deity of an exact size. But instead of this, she made her own idol and told priest to install it. When the priest hesitated to do so, Lord said, place her on my left and Radha on my right.

About the temple:

Sri Radha Gopinath temple is an ancient temple in Vrindavan dham. The temple complex houses samadhi of Shri Madhu pandit ji, who was first to serve Gopinath ji. Overall a must visit temple when you are in Vrindavan.

A once glorious temple, this temple also faced the blunt of muslim invaders. Temple was destroyed by Aurangzeb and the original deities were shifted to jaipur. The temple now has pratibhu or replacement idols of lord.

Major Attractions of Temple:

The temple built up of Red sandstone matches closely in style and dimensions to that of the old Madan Mohan Temple. The Choir dome of the temple is richly decorated with the sculptures in Arabic Art. Inside the temple on the altar can be seen the black marble beautiful deity of Lord Gopinath along with Sri Radharani standing to its right and Anangamanjari (younger sister of Radhaji) to the left. This is the only temple in Vrindavan having such an unusual arrangement as in all other temples deity of Radhaji is installed on the left of Lord Krishna.

Yamuna flows graciously in Vrindavan town along several ghats (a series of steps leading down to a water body) where Krishna performed His pastimes. Some of the most important ghats that lie in Vrindavan town are Kaliya Ghat, Keshi Ghat, Chir Ghat, and Imli Taal Ghat.

Entry Fees, Aarti Timings & Mandir Opening Timings:

There is no entry fee to visit the temple. The timings of Mandir in summers is from 9:00am to 12:30pm in the morning & 5:30pm to 9:00pm in the evening from Monday to Sunday. And in winters from 9:00am to 01:00pm in the morning & 6:00pm to 10:00pm in the evening from Monday to Sunday

This temple is located between the Radha-Raman temple and Gopinath Bazaar. From the Radha-Raman temple you make a left and another quick left around the corner. You then walk 50m (150 ft) until you reach the path that leads to the temple. You make a left and walk about 100m (330 ft) until you reach the doorway to the courtyard of the temple. You enter the doorway and go straight until you see a doorway in the right corner. You then go through this doorway. Directly to your right is the old temple of Radha Gopinath. On the left is the new temple.