The Prem mandir is mighty temple that was shaped by Jagadguri Shri Kripaluji Maharaj in beginnings of new decade year 2001.

This alluring place is mark of God's love Dedicating to Radha-Krishna and Sita-Ram as well. This religious temple is located in Vrindavan, holy field of Mathura in Uttarpradesh. 

About the temple:

The complex is built on a 54-acre area on the outskirts of Vrindavan, and is established by the fifth Jagadguru, Kripalu Maharaj. 

Construction made of white marble with very intricate carvings of this temple is also famous for its architectural beauty, which began in January 2001 and was opened to public on 17February. The pillars are intricately engraved with beautiful statues that depict the kinkari sakhis and manjari sakhis serving Shri Krishna and admirers, portraying essential occasions surrounding the Lord's life, cover the main temple. 

Major Attractions of Temple:

A 73,000 square feet, pillar-less, dome shaped Satsang hall is being constructed next to Prem Mandir, which will accommodate 25,000 people at a time. Various scenes from Krishna's life, like raising the Govardhan Mountain, have been depicted on the periphery of the Prem Mandir.

The lighting of the temple further magnifies its spectacular look, especially under the night-sky. The whole temple is lit-up with beautiful chandeliers and soft lights, changed strategically every five minutes.The temple blended circumambulation route consists of 48 panels depicting past-times of Radha Krishna.

The Musical fountain with colored water twists and twirls on the tunes of the kirtans of Radha Krishna being played every evening from 7pm to 7:30pm.

Major festivals of Janamasthmi and Radhasthmi both are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. 

Entry Fees, Aarti Timings & Mandir Opening Timings:

There is no Entry Fees to visit the temple and the temple is open all days with timings are 5:30/ 8:30am (for visitors) to 12:00pm in the morning & 4:30pm to 8:30 pm in the evening. The timings are subjected to change on special occasions, festivals & events. 

The schedule for Aarti is as follows:

In morning- 5:30AM (Aarti & Parikrama), 6:30AM (Bhog Aarti), 8:30AM (Darshan Aarti), 11:30(Bhog Aarti) & 12:00PM (Shaysn Aarti) doorcloses. 

In evening- 4:30PM (Darshan Aarti), 5:30PM (Bhog), 8:00PM (Shayan Aarti), 8:15PM (Shayan Darshan), & 8:30PM Door closes. 

Location of the temple: Chattikara, Road, Raman Reti, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121, India

The visit will rejuvenate the mind and body, while appeasing our soul and spiritual quests. Peace, calm & Divinity will overtake your stress & problems once you enter the temple premises. One of the must visit places to embrace Beauty, History & Spirituality.