Vrindavan Parikrama is a spiritual walk undertaken by devotees around Vrindavan town in Uttar Pradesh. Govardhana Hill has a Parikrama of about fourteen miles (23 km.) & can take 5 to 6 hours to complete if one walks at a brisk pace. 

People from all over India visit Vraja in order to perform Govardhana Parikrama. On auspicious occasions like Guru Purnima, Purusottamamasa or Govardhana-puja, over half a million people go around the sacred hill.

A Parikrama or circumambulation of the Parvat is very popular among the devotees.

About the Place:

At the holy village, the hill and every stone of this hill are sacred. The whole parikrama route passing by the various temple, ponds, and groves is about 21 km. Govardhan parvat has great religious significance due to its association with Lord Krishna. Currently its height is about 25-metre & is a wide hill near Mathura Vrindavan in UP, India. This hill is also known as Giriraj which is about 8 KM in length. Lord Krishan, lifted this hill on his little finger for 7 days to protect Braj from horondous rain caused by Devraj Indra who had cursed the Braj for not pleasing him. it is believed that entire Goverdhan Parikrama will grant all your wishes.

Entire way is quite well marked for parikrama and passes by the villages. Parikrama should be started by having darshan of giriraj ji maharaj at Daanghati temple. Badi parikrama is started from here. After walking around 9 KM, an another temple “Mukharvind” is there where a tiny part of Goverdhan temple (giriraj GOD) is placed.

Major Attractions of the Temple:

Most people coming from Mathura start the Parikrama from Daanghati Mandir. This temple gets its name from the Daan or tax that little Krishna used to collect from Gopikas who wanted to do Puja. Once they gave Radha to him as Daan, which is precisely what he wanted. Opposite the Daanghati temple is a lovely Laxminarayan temple in stone, built-in 1903 by a wealthy family of Hathras.

Mansi Ganga is a sacred lake in the middle of the village. It is said that once the foster parents of Sri Krishna Nand & Yashoda, wanted to visit Ganga. On their way, they halted here for the night. By morning, Krishna brought the Ganga here from his mind, and it got the name Mansi Ganga. This lake is surrounded by many temples.

In a narrow lane Thakur Hari Dev Ji temple is located which is in red sandstone. It is believed that at this spot Sri Krishna stood when he held the Govardhan Parvat on his finger.

Bhram Kund is a small Kund on the periphery of Mansi Ganga which seems to be recently renovated and then immediately neglected.

The Kusum Sarovar is the most beautiful and the best-maintained pond here. The canopies at the other end reflecting in its quiet waters create a lovely and soothing image. There is something royal and humble about this Kund.

Entry Fees and Parikrama timings:

There are no entry fees for parikrama but the charges for keeping a pair of shoes or a bag is ?10 only. Most people who visit here do the parikrama bare feet.

Parikrama can be done from 365 days of the year, but on a few occasions lot of devotees come here and these occasions are every full moon night (Purnima), Guru Purnima, Holi, Krishna Janmashtami, every day of Chatur (Adhik) Mas. Parikrama can be done at any time day and night both. People here are always ready for every kind of help, street shops are open to service overnight in parikrama path, male or female can do this parikrama without any fear in the night.

Location: Govardhan hill Aanyor, Uttar Pradesh 281502, India.