Of all the Holy Places in Vrindavan, Madan Mohan Temple is one of those most revered because it has the distinction of being the oldest temple in Vrindavan. On Tours to Vrindavan, one cannot possible let go the chance of visiting it. It is not just simply a place of worship; it is an old structure that has stood the test of times.

Madan Mohan temple located close to the Kaliya ghat is the oldest of all Goswami temples in Vrindavan. ‘Madan’ means Kamadeva (God of desire and Love) and 'Mohan' means one who charms thus the god who can even charm Kamadeva is named as Lord Madan Mohan.

About the Temple:

Amongst the oldest temple in Vrindavan built in 1580, Madan Mohan Temple is located on a hillock with fortified walls around it, along the parikrama path just a little distance from Banke Bihari Temple. The striking temple with its 60-ft high shikhar, is now under the aegis of the Archaeological Survey of India. It was built by Kapur Ram Das of Multan. It is the oldest existent temple in Vrindavan today. It is said that after vanquishing the demon Kaliya, Lord Krishna rested on this hillock. Drenched with water he began to feel cold, and instantly, twelve Suns (Dwadasha Aditya) came down to give him warmth, giving the hillock its name, Dwadasha Aditya teela (hill).

The temple is closely associated with the saint Chaitanya Maha Prabhu. The original Idol of Lord Madan Gopal was shifted from the shrine to Karauli district in Rajasthan for safe keeping, during Aurangzeb's rule. Today, replica of the image is worshipped at the temple.

Major Attractions of the Temple:  

The old Radha Madan Mohan temple is built 50 feet high on the Dwadashaditya hill. The original temple tower is flanked by two buildings by it’s both sides, all three built of red sandstone thus, exhibiting a magnificent work of architecture as the reminiscent of Mughal era. The left one has a huge gate which remains closed & the right one has the bhajan kutir (cottage) and samadhi (cenotaph) of Sri Sanatana Goswami. The central temple tower has the idols of Radha & Krishna along with those of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu & also the Idol of Lalita Sakhi (friend of Sri Radha).

With the scorching heat of those 12 suns, Krishna’s body began to perspire and thus a small lake was formed as a result of water collected due to perspiration. Thus the ghat near this place was known to be as Prashkandana Ghat. 

Advaita Vat is the old Banyan tree in Vrindavan where Sri Advaita Acharya rested chanting the names of Lord Krishna when he came to Vrindavan. He found the beautiful idol of Lord Madan Mohan under the tree. It was under this tree that Krishna Das Kaviraj started writing the famous epic of Chaitanya Charitamrita.

Krishna koop is an old well within the temple area of Lord Madan Mohan which is said to have been created by Lord Madan Mohan himself with his flute to quench the thirst of his beloved devotee Shrila Sanatana Goswami.

Entry Fees, Aarti timings and Mandir opening Timings: 

There is no Entry Fees to visit the temple and the Mandir opening time is 7:00AM - 12:00PM in morning and 4:00PM - 8:00PM in evening. Aarti timing is 7:30AM in morning and 5:00PM in evening.

Location of the Temple: Bankebihari Colony, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, 281121, India.