In the lap of nature, in Vrindavan with its cluster of forests and meadows surrounded by the revered river Yamuna, the almighty mingled with the people of the land, making on destination of cast and creed.

Radhavallabh temple sees constant population movement. People tend to be multilingual, naturally with a bias towards the language most appropriate to the area they belong to.

About the Temple:

Chief shrine of Radhavallabh sect, old Radhavallabh Temple at Vrindavan, though now abandoned but protected monument is in itself a handsome building. Constructed in 1585, the Radhavallabh temple is one of the oldest and long-living temples, majestically built using red sandstones at a time when they were used for building only high palaces, imperial buildings and royal forts. 

This temple represents a living dialogue between Hindu and Islamic elements in Mediaeval Architecture. This temple is characterized by its architectural accent on harmony of lines and balanced massing. It reflects constructional unity more than richness of ornamentation.

Major Attractions of Temple:

The idol of the temple is the most attractive for the visitors. The temple enshrines an idol within the temple which is considered to embody both Radha and Krishna, signifying that whilst they had two bodies, their soul was one. Radhavallabh ji means Krishna and Radha in one. 

The main festival of Radha Ballabh temple is performed for eleven day heralding the birth anniversary of Shree Hit Harivansh Chandra Mahaprabhu. Devotees perform dance and songs in memory of great lord and his follower. Shri Radha and Lord Krishna are carried on decorated chariot along with musical band and fabulous devotional songs performed by devotees. This rath-yatra, starts from temple, culminates at Raas Mandal, followed alongside at main street. On the tenth day of this amazing festival, the deity at Radha Vallabh Temple is adorned and decorated in royal red cloths.

Other annual festivals like: Janmashtmi, Holi, Deepawali, Annakoot, Sanjhi and many others are celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion.

Entry Fees, Aarti timings and Mandir opening timings:

There is no entry fee to visit the temple and the Mandir timings are 5:00AM - 12:00PM in morning and 6:00PM - 9:00PM in evening. 

The temple is located at Gotam Nagar, Vrindavan. This place is 12.3 km far from Chatikara. From Delhi, it is approx 150 km distance on NH2. At Chatikara, head south-east on NH2 turn toward Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg and turn left and just after straight road, on your left you will find Radha Ballabh temple.