This is one of the famous Krishna temples in Vrindavan where Sri Krishna is known by the name of Banke Bihari because he is considered as a ‘Supreme Enjoyer.’ Banke means ‘Bent in three places,’ whereas Bihari means ‘Enjoyer’ as you can see in a statute where the idols’ hands are folded to hold a flute with a leg folded standing pose.

The temple was established by Swami Haridasji son of Shri Ashudhir and his wife smt. Ganga Devi on the eighth day of second fortnight of Bhadrapad month and Image of Bihariji Installed in tribhanga posture. The Temple of Lord Krishna-Shri Banke Bihariji of, Vrindavan is holiest and well known Shrine place to devote Shri Krishna. 

About the temple:

This temple was constructed in 1864 with beneficiary of Goswami ji and After the construction of temple got completed Goswamiji transferred the idol to the new temple. Earlier, the idol of Thakurji was worshipped in Nidhivan till 1863.

Story of Swami Haridasji from records says that the image installed in the Mandir is one granted to him by celestial couple Shyam-Shyam to consider the desire of his devotee, Lord appeared with his divine consort and left his black enchanting image before disappear 

Major Attractions of Temple:

The swing festival of Lord Krishna, Jhulan Yatra in which number of silver-plated and solid silver ornamented cradle are shown at this time. The third day of Jhulan Yatra is the main day, at which time Shri Banke Bihari is placed on a golden hindola.

The curtain before the Bihariji idol is not left open like at other temples. In this Shrine place after each few minutes, the curtain is pulled up & down then opened again. It is believed that the glittering eyes of Shri Banke Bihari will make one unconscious if seen for too long a stretch.

And Bihariji is only temple where loud bells are not used to wake Krishna in the morning (even during Aarti). It is believed incorrect to wake a child with a start. He is woken gently. 

Mangala-arati is done only one day a year in this temple, that is on Janamasthami & only on Akshaya Tritiya the lotus feet of the Deity can be seen.  

 Entry Fees, Aarti Timings & Mandir Opening Timings:

There is no Entry Fees to visit the temple and the temple is open with seasonal timings are as follows: 7:45am to 12:00pm in the morning & 5:30pm to 9:30 pm in the evening during summer. And, 8:45am to 1:00pm in the morning & 3:30pm to 8:30pm in the evening during winter.

Aarti Schedule are as follows: 8:00am (Shringar Aarti), 12:00pm (Rajbhog Aarti), 9:30pm (Sayan Aarti) during summer or after holi. And 9:00am (Shringar Aarti), 1:00pm (Raj hog Aarti), 8:30pm (Sayan Aarti) during winter or after Diwali. 

 The timings are subjected to change on special occasions, festivals & events. 

Location of the temple: Dwarikadhish Ki Bjariya, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. 

The visit will rejuvenate the mind and body, while appeasing our soul and spiritual quests. Peace, calm & Divinity will overtake your stress & problems once you enter the temple premises. One of the must visit places to embrace Beauty, History & Sprituality.